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Written Patient Testimonials

Prior to seeing Dr. Allen in 2005, my asthma was spiraling out of control.  I often slept in a recliner because laying down made me cough too much.  I could not exercise or travel.  Social or volunteer activities were extremely limited. I was going from one course of Prednisone to the next; I was also seen in the emergency room many times with acute asthma attacks. 

I had been treated by an ENT doctor and two allergists.  Though they each provided short-term relief, my severe asthma would soon return, worse than ever.   When I saw Dr. Allen, he did more testing than any previous doctor.  He found the problems and adjusted my medications to address the underlying needs.

Now I sleep well, am very active in social and volunteer activities, exercise vigorously, and travel extensively inside the country and abroad. All my asthma appointments with Dr. Allen now are routine follow up visits. I have not been to the emergency room for an acute asthma attack while on the medications Dr. Allen proscribes. My asthma is not gone, but it is well under control

William S


Recently we had a situation in which our health plan rejected some of the charges we had incurred with Dr. Allen's office.  We spent much time on the phone with our insurance which is difficult to deal with, and we often felt like we were merely faceless numbers. They've gone back and forth about which parts of the bill is their responsibility.  Dr. Allen's staff was doing their best to find a resolution for the situation. The office decided to write off a good portion of my bill because of the decision the insurance made.

I want to express my sincere gratitude.  Our family, like many others in this world, has had some rough breaks.  When a business goes out of their way to act in an equitable and decent fashion, and to behave like genuine human beings rather than accounting machines, we pay attention.

This seems like a good time to mention how much we have appreciated Dr. Allen's care and the kindness from every staff member in his office.  Dr. Allen and his staff are quality people.

Merrily S.


I came to Dr. Allen's office as a last resort, but it should have been my first!  Before my treatment, I tried all other treatments including steroid shots, as well as any and all new available treatments.  My allergies weren't just sneezing, itchy eyes, and sinus pressure.  Mine actually put me in bed for the entire day and came on suddenly with no warning.  Sometimes I would take 3 or 4 different things at once and only get worse.  I was skeptical when I went to Dr. Allen's office because of all my failed treatments in the past. 

When I met with him, he was so confident that he even gave me hope.  The shots were convenient and fairly painless.  Every week when I walk in, they know my name, get me right in, and treat me with respect.  It has almost been a year and I feel like I have my life back.  I have attacks here and there every couple of months, but not enough to count.

I'm free from fear now and I can live my life without going into public and feeling like I have the plague, or always making sure I have a stash of tissue somewhere.  I'm free from the sore throats and I can freely love my cats, but most of all, my life!!! 

I thank Dr. Allen and his great staff.

Natalie S.


Abby K.