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Think You Might Have Asthma

If you have asthma or think that you might have asthma, you can  practice this test. This is might give you an idea if you or your  child have a risk of asthma or your asthma is not under control. Please fill out one of these forms based on your age (we will be very  happy to help you analyse the results of this test free of charge if  mailed or faxed to us):

We highly value your opinion and we will do our best to meet and  exceed your expectations. We really appreciate your honest evaluation  and it will help us improve our service to you and to all other  patients.

Evaluation Questionnaire
Asthma Control Test (4-11 years)
Asthma Life Quality Test (all ages)
Asthma Control Test (age 12 and older)
Asthma Screening Test (age 1-7 years)
Asthma Screening Test (age 8-14 years)

Please download the evaluation form and either e-mail it to Dr.  George Allen's PERSONAL e-mail at ( OR mail  it to Dr. George Allen's PERSONAL mail box address: P.O Box 821046.  Vancouver, WA 98682. Thank you for your time.